Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Kensett Water Tower, aka the Stanton Arendts Water Tower

We've been a little short on stories about Kensett, which is too bad because their stories are likely far superior to the Northwood stories. So today we cajoled a story out of Stanton Arendts as a "southern" response to the Holstad - Lien Water Tower history.

Apparently there were some daredevils in Kensett, and Stan is one of them. Here's his story:

The Kensett Water tower was almost in my back yard. At least once a year, it would be struck by lightning and give forth a resounding bang. We used to routinely climb it. Even my sisters gave it a try! Apparently, our law enforcement was quite lax and our parents never knew? One time I climbed it via the zig-zag braces, just for bragging rights. I remember once a Mexican lad from Manly actually stood on the ball on top of the tank. Now that was impressive. Maybe Sharon Urbatch Dilling can also chime in, since she was a bit of a daredevil?

We've put out a call to Sharon to seek her input and will post it ASAP. And if you have similar stories to share, even if your name is not Sharon Urbatch Dilling, let's hear from you! And if you happen to have a picture of that majestic tower, please forward it.

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