Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where's the Beef?

I got into the loop of some emails this week in which Donn Holstad ('60?) was reportedly the guy who gave Stanton Arendts the nickname of "Fabian." You remember that fellow, Fabian, I'm sure. Stan, who signs all his emails with his initials, SCA, clearly qualifies as the greater personality, because here he is today, and who knows whatever happened to Fabian?

I can just hear Richard Holstad referring to Fabian as "All hair, no cattle." So where's the beef?

Meanwhile, SCA, the MG Guy, had a way with the automobile (see yearbook description) even when we knew him as the Kensett Heartthrob. (Take it as a compliment, Stan. This is just a blog and the author has no limits, right?)

Another fellow with the Reagan "wave" is Albert Adams. I recall Albert more as the hard-nosed grinder on the football field, but this photo shows he had a real debonair tilt, easily recognizable in the hallway. On the field I most remember Albert's gait, and the hip pads that stuck up about 4 inches higher in the back, so there was never any mistaking him for any other player.

According to SCA, Albert and Dave Randall took him under their wing after the Northwood - Kensett School Consolidation in 1958. It seemed to work, because today we
remember Stan, and, who was that other guy again?

I'm sure I can/should be corrected on this but my understanding is that Albert became an ag teacher somewhere, maybe in Northwood, and David began his dentistry practice in Lake Mills, so he was never far from home.

David is obviously not in the "hair" category for purposes of this blog entry, but like the other two does qualify because as an NKHS grad, he's got the "beef."

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