Friday, May 6, 2011

Passions from the Past

One never knows where the commentary may go, especially when it tickles the fancy - or passion - of the right person. After we posted Richard's comment on his MGA, we heard from Stanton Arendts:

Richard, I had no idea you were into MG's. I have had MGs since 1973 and presently own two of the beloved breed. Even have a Jag for foul weather. CA is great for and vista. Photos taken in front of my house. Lots of upgrades on the one pictured and more have been added. Zero to 60 in 5 secs.

For verification Stan sent along several photos, two inserted here, and I'm sure would be happy to share more with you if you were to contact him. Even Marilyn Weidler might get engaged in this discussion, right, Marilyn?

Stan, we enjoy the MG Coozies tucked properly in position. Even here in Wisconsin the MG logo would probably be used BEFORE a Green Bay Packer logo.

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