Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SCA and the '27 Model T Roadster

Thanks to Stan Arendts for passing this story along:

Some of you may recall that I had a 1927 Model T roadster that I drove to school on occasion. Those T's didn't have fuel pumps and were gravity fed from the gas tank, which was located just below the windshield on the cowl.

When going up a hill, a fast enough speed was needed to make it to the top before running out of gas. One time, I was being tailed by my nemesis, Officer Jackely, of the Iowa Highway Patrol, while entering Northwood from the South on Hyw 65. I decided to slow down and therefore, ran out of gas before reaching the top of the hill. I had to stop, turn around and back up the rest of the way. Jackely just laughed and continued on his way.

Another time I was driving down the Northwood main drag (Central, as I recall), with Arlyn Morse aboard. We decided to put the T in low gear and get out and run around the car as it was slowly moving down the street. An AHA moment? Decidedly foolish, but what the hey? Anyway, Arlyn tripped and fell in front of the car and it ran over him!! By the time I regained control of the car, Arlyn was up brushing himself off telling everybody he was OK.

(The Photo is downloaded from the internet, not to be assumed to be Stan's.)

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