Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Salute to Those Who Served

Some time ago we wrote about those who served, not knowing who all they were. Stan Arendts has forwarded a list of classmate/soldiers that he had compiled, and here they are, as we come into this Memorial weekend, a suitable time to salute them.

Navy -
Stanton Arendts, USS Essex
Mike Lien
Arlyn Morse
Richard Brunsvold

National Guard -
Robert Smith

Coast Guard -
David Skellenger

Army -
Robert Brim

Air Force -
Ron VanSteenburg

We do not assume this list is complete, and would be happy to add assignments as we have with Stan. Please call to our attention any person we have missed. And our thanks goes out to all of them.

(Note the photos are downloaded Vietnam-era images, not our classmates.)

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