Friday, April 22, 2011

Stay Off the Water Tower!

We finally made it to town on a mission of capturing old memories in the modern setting. First off, we took photos of the Holstad-Lien Water Tower so memorably reported by Richard in a previous blog.

There's not much to be said here except it's a long ways up, and that perception is reality where the climber is concerned.

But reality from the ground will tell you that the final several feet go straight
up even though your personal gyroscope probably tells you that you're being cantilevered away from the tower. OR, maybe the memory is enhanced? Like we say, perception is reality.

Check out both of these photos, the first to show it's a long way above terra firma, and the second a clear indicator that the last third of the climb is straight up, whether it feels that way or not. And either photo will confirm this is the town of Northwood and not some imposter.

Perhaps this tower is not in use any longer since we did notice a newer version on the northeast side of town.

A last word on this - regardless of the view you see here, the story Richard told is precious! (But not to be repeated by today's thrill-seeker, please.)


  1. Young man, my apologies if my original posting cast any aspersion on your character or reporting since I meant neither. After you posted this comment I thought back to the several summers when I picked up an extra buck painting houses and barns, and "channeled" the feeling of climbing ladders at an angle compared to a perfect perpendicular.

    No doubt the perfect vertical approach would play with your internal gyroscope - as well as your bladder. And it goes to the issue that one should never let the facts get in the way of a good story, and yours was awesome!

  2. Leroy -

    Your research is impeccable as usual.

    Maybe the fact that my heart was beating so hard that I was afraid the person with me on the ladder below could hear it, and the adrenalin rush made me want to pee in my pants, my fear of being the first one to fall off that ladder, plus the darkness played into my feeling that the ladder was "past vertical".

    You have my word, I will not try that again .... for awhile.

    I Already "Foun Mahh Threall"

    Yesterday's Thrill-Seeker
    Richard Holstad

  3. Love the name "Holstad-Lien" water tower. Just saw it again yesterday. I will forever think of that story when I see the tower.


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