Monday, April 18, 2011

Medical Memories

Walking through Mercy Hospital last week makes me marvel at the changes in medicine since we were in school years ago.

Then: all nurses wore white with starched caps
Now: what looks like pajamas

Then: noisy tile floors
Now: carpeting

Then: paper charts filed at the end of the bed or on the door
Now: computers everywhere

Technology is sweeping through Mercy. Data-gathering in the room comes from a computerized checklist, and every employee in the hallway has his/her nose glued to a monitor practically all day. Laptops are clicked into and out of docking stations to access the hospital server. And in spite of all this, it seemed every new nurse or doctor failed to check the data before asking things like, "what drugs are you taking?" Didn't we already answer that?

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  1. Very true indeed. I know what you mean by them asking the same questions over & over.


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