Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mel Horgan Memorial Red Light

In an earlier post, Richard Holstad mentioned the red light on the wall of the Gildner building, theoretically placed to alert Mel Horgan of misdoings in town. Here is a picture Richard has passed along of what it looked like 60 years ago, and we soon hope to have an updated current picture to show what the building looks like today.

At last passing there was no light there but there was what appeared to be a patch in the brick wall where wiring may have been in place at one time. Look for the 2011 version of the building to appear in this posting - soon.

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  1. Credit for the photo above goes to Jane Podgorniak at the Northwood Anchor. At the 9-11-11 reunion last fall, Jane very generously shared a group of Northwood Viking Days photos with me. I treasure these photos for the memories they bring of growing up in Northwood in the 50's and 60's. There were many more photos in the file that Jane shared with me. Jane also mentioned that the file had John Vander Linden's (spelling) name on it.

    It would be a wonderful thing if the readers of this blog would also have photos and be willing to share them with us. I would love to scan any such photos and promptly return them unharmed to the owner.

    Thank you also to Lee Leidal for his work on setting up this blog site. It takes "talent", "patience", and "dedication". Lee has all of those traits.

    Richard Holstad


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