Monday, December 19, 2011

Old News - from the Anchor

Last week's Anchor reported on the band that performed in Cleveland in 1936.

Fifty highly elated musicians, members of the Northwood school band, together with their director, L.T. Dillon, Supt. E. A. Prehm and four chaperones, boarded a special train on the North-Western railway at Mason City at 5 AM yesterday bound away for Cleveland, Ohio, where t 11 AM Thursday they will perform in the national band contest.  Chaperones include Mrs. Iver Bidne, Mrs. Levi Cornick, Mrs. Mabel Madson and Mrs. Leon Barnes.

The photo here was taken from a Globe-Gazette report in 2006, marking 70 years in 2006 at a band reunion.  The success of this band was reported previously in this blog, primarily by Richard Holstad, whose mother was one of the band members pictured.

Dillon is pictured in an insert top left of the band.  The original photo of Dillon included in the earlier report has been "lost" from the archives short-term but will be returned when found.  Call it Operator Error.

This photo appears to have been taken behind the school.  The gymnasium would be on the right, assuming it had been built by the time of this photo, and the classrooms behind the band would be Senior English - Helen Thies - if indeed this was a scene from the East side.  A really really careful view would seem to show students peering out those windows.

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