Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Old News from the Anchor

NKHS had hunters and outdoorsmen and the Anchor spotlighted Dave Randall, '61, in their November 30, 1961 edition:

Dave Randall, Northwood, bagged his third deer in three consecutive years with an arrow near Stimes Woods southwest of Northwood, last Saturday evening.  The deer was a four-year-old doe.  He is the son of Mr and Mrs Whitney Randall.

Dave was one of the upperclassmen to take Fabian, Stan Arendts, under their wing when the consolidation occurred, and if memory serves right, would have enjoyed watching this website video featuring cars and music from the era.  Thanks to Stan for passing it along.  It's a bit of a segue from hunting to classic cars, but hey, it's a blog and anything is possible.  Click that link.  Here's the cover info from the email:

Someone did an awesome job putting this together.  And with sound to boot.  At the very end of the video you'll hear the song "Thunder Road" sung by the star of the movie of the same name.  (Having a theme song that is the movie title) is not uncommon except this is the one and only song ever recorded for publication by Robert Mitchum.

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  1. The story was undoubtedly quite interesting. The video, however, was absolutely spectacular!! Thanks so much for entertaining all of us older folks!!


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