Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Changing Times

Gadgets and toys abound anymore, and many people love them - if they work.  There is nothing more satisfying than re-wiring all the components in the surround system, then clicking the "power on" button - and everything works.

There is nothing more FRUSTRATING than failure of connections.  But sooner or later, even if it requires a call to an "out source",  order should be restored, and victory claimed.

As a result of all the toys available,  however, one might be looking at a mess as shown here on an end table:  Weather Station, cordless phone, Kindle, "dumb" phone, Harmony remote, and wireless keyboard.  Just sitting there, waiting to release their power.  Normal in today's world.

We are spoiled, rightfully so.  There was a time when changing the channel meant getting up out of your chair, walking to the TV, turning the dial, adjusting the tuning ring as necessary, then returning to your chair.  At that point, somebody else in the family will complain about the selection, and the diplomatic response is to repeat the process.

And if you were lucky the antenna didn't need to be adjusted, although that was often a pure stroke of luck because somehow your body was somehow able to funnel the signal to the rabbit ears but ONLY IF you were standing close, and once you moved away . . .

Isn't it nice to have today's gadgets?

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