Friday, December 30, 2011

One Last Holiday Greeting

The Hendrickson Clan on Holiday
We got this pleasant surprise today - an email from Janis with their Holiday greeting photo of their beautiful family.  They spent Christmas with the whole clan in Bradenton, FL.  What better site for a Christmas photo than a sandy beach?  We can tell it's not along the Shell Rock or at the Worth County Park - if that still exists.

We could congratulate Chuck for thinking of this and putting it together, but the rightful congratulations would be to say it's a darn good thing he married a woman with some creativity.  Click the picture for a larger view.

Lonna and I are heading for the Bradenton area for the month of April and Chuck and Janis expect to be there again at the same time so we look forward to hooking up with them.  And a Happy New Year to all of you!


  1. Wishing the N-K class of '62 a very happy and healthy 2012!! Hope to see you all at the 50th class reunion in July!

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  3. Good looking family!! Looking forward to the 50th reunion and spending a whole week in Northwood!!


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