Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The January 22 blog post reported one Stanton Carl Arendts was first alternate to be appointed to the Naval Academy.  Sure enough, our very own SCA is the apple who fell not far from the tree.  He confirms it was  his father referenced in the 75-Year-Old Anchor News:

USS West Virginia Burning in Pearl Harbor
Yes, My Father had almost as many sea stories as me!! He did go to the Academy (The boat school / canoe club) and graduated in time to be on the USS West Virginia when it was sunk at Pearl Harbor. Fortunately he was on shore at the time. 

His room mate was Bob Lim who went on to become the president of Philippine Air Lines after serving in the Philippine ARMY, as a general (I think). The Lim kids used to visit our family in Kensett during the summers.

While at USNA he, along with 2 other midshipmen formed a radio station and played music for the academy. When they graduated, they flipped for the records and my father won, ending up with hundreds of the old 78's. I used them as clay pigeons for skeet practice.His description of Navy life was much the same as my experiences. "Years and years of boredom, with fleeting moments of sheer panic and terror."  Much has changed since I got out.


Rest assured the photo of the USS West Virginia is included here only with the greatest respect.  The Class of '62 grew up in a marvelous era following what can best be described as a dangerous era.

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