Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blade and Seed - The Great Goose Caper

Another adventure, though the goose being cooked is themselves, in the lives of the Notorious Blade and Seed, direct from the pen (use your imagination) of Stan Arendts:

The objective was to create the most elaborate science project in the history of NKHS. What could be more impressive that to put together a skeleton of a full grown goose? How many bones in a goose? Who knows. How to get the meat and feathers off? I guess you boil it. Details, were never a problem for the dynamic duo.

Grandpa Morse's Favorite Goose
First, you locate a goose. Arlyn's grandfather had a few on his farm, but he was not interested in donating one to science......Then you capture the bird, put it in a milk can, so the bones don't break and put the top on so the goose makes no noise, revealing the theft. What could go wrong?

It was a normal night, with a lot of dew on the grass and weeds leading to the goose pen. It was also a lot longer of a trip (one mile) than originally thought. Additionally, an electric fence surrounded the pen. When we got into the pen, the geese went crazy, the dogs started barking and lights came on. The goose we caught was too big for the milk can. A hasty retreat was in order. On the way back, we got tangled in the fence with the milk can in tow. The dew solidified the connection and thus we were jolted into reality.

This was our introduction into "Murphy's Law" We ended up getting a C on the project, which sans the goose, concentrated on the properties of electricity. However, our creative instincts were intact. Such is life.


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