Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Northwood's "Music Man"

The September, 1940, NHS News made a couple of references to LT Dillon, the band director, leading cheers for one group or another.  I have very vague personal memories of discussions about him, and believe I recall seeing plaques and/or trophies associated with his name, either in the band room or in the trophy cases in the hallway outside the old gym.

But I don't actually know too much about the man and his place in the history of our school - but I should.  Because he apparently was, in today's terminology, "the man."

So once again I relied on Richard Holstad for some input, and here is what he sent along:

L. T. Dillon
L T Dillon was one of the very early businessmen in Northwood.

He loved music, and he loved the school kids. This combination was so strong that LT Dillon had a major - major impact on the town of Northwood ……. when in 1936 he had the audacity to take the NHS band to the national competition held in Cleveland Ohio …… AND THEY WON FIRST PLACE ….. IN NATIONAL COMPETITION!  This man IS Northwood’s own Music Man. 

There are several band members still living in Northwood from that time.  My mother was in that band.  I have spoken with and gotten to know some of these individuals and am able to "click into" some of the bonding these events created in Northwood in 1936 thru 1940 and beyond.    

Just looking at the photo you get the feeling that he's a natural-born leader with high expectations, the kind of guy you would expect to make believers of his troops - without resorting to 76 trombones.  If you know someone who can tell us more, please pass along their stories.  Sounds like this guy is some kind of legend.

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