Thursday, September 8, 2011

Words of Wisdom

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Though Bill Mansur was not pictured in our own yearbook, he did make a nice spread in the '61 Yearbook.  As we just reported, he left NKHS to head to Atkinson, NE, a small, very rural community about 200 miles northwest of Omaha.  And I've been there.  It's been hit by hard times more than our own hometown has, but it's surviving, too.

The letter he includes with his farewell speaks to many of the same issues we face today.  It's a very democratic call to "give everyone an opportunity to get an education, regardless of their status in life."  Jefferson couldn't have said it much better.

For all his faults, this pretty well underscores his commitment to do the best possible, make everyone better at what they are/do, and open the game to all.  After all, if he is so committed to the right thing that he's willing to back up a car a quarter mile to be able to say he came to a "full stop," how could you argue with him?

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