Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old News

Really old news, that is, like from 50 years ago.

Just received the Anchor today with a report from 50 years ago when we were entering our final year of school. The tentative reported enrollment stood at 1,051 students, which is just about double the enrollment I saw a couple weeks ago.  Rural America is getting smaller.

The same issue reported that Bill Mansur, our principal the prior year, had accepted a position of Principal in the Atkinson, NE, public schools beginning September 5.  Bob Scheib, the former band man, became our principal. I most remember him for the speech he gave at Prom, something about world economics, as I recall.  It seemed a bit out of place but it might have been practice for him, who knows.

Janis Hendrickson probably also noted in this report " . . . one of the final touches in closing the Northwood Theatre: the wrecking of the lighted marquee at the entrance.  Workmen with a loader lowered it on a flatbed truck and it was (hauled away)."  Another part of our lives, memories, and passion that disappeared without our realizing it.  Progress.

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  1. Yes, Lee...I noted the wrecking of the movie theatre marquee in last week's Anchor. Made me sad to remember how the theatre was once a thriving business, but fell victim of the "new age" of television in area homes. Side note...shortly after the NEW movie theatre opened in Northwood a couple years ago, we went to scope it out. One of the promoters there mentioned that they were hoping to install a marquee on the theatre and they wondered what ever happened to the old marquee. Now we know! :(
    Janis H.


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