Monday, June 4, 2012

She's the 10-year-old who "became a woman" in the most recent episode.  Kiernan Shipka plays Sally Draper, the daughter of Betty and Don Draper in Madmen, Season 5.  Episode 512 had a lot of plot twists including Sally's maturation.  Here's part of the Q & A on AMCTV online:

Q: Do you think kids are growing up faster today?

A: Well it's different today just because of electronics and Skyping and texting. I think that's put a big influence on everything. It's definitely changed.

Q: Does the Mad Men set look like it's from ancient times to you?

A: It's funny because you walk in and it's a huge sound stage, and within the sound stage, you walk into a little house and that's the Draper house. And then you walk back out of it and you're in modern times.

Q: How was it saying goodbye to the Draper house set?

A: It was really strange. That was kind of the set that I worked on the most. It was weird seeing it go.

Q: Sally has a really rebellious streak. Do you have one as well?

A: I'm definitely not super similar to Sally just because of the way she's parented and the time she grew up in... But sometimes I think of Sally as not really rebelling, but more so just coping. She's in an incredibly tough situation, and I can only imagine how I would react.

Q: But it must be fun to play a character with a dark side...

A: It's definitely been fun to portray Sally... All the characters on the show, really they act like human beings. They're written real; they're written flawed. They're just doing what a normal person would do.

If you don't follow the series, the Draper house was pretty '60s, and it was abandoned after Don and Betty divorced.  Poor kid lacks access to Skype and texting in this TV show, just like you did.

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