Thursday, June 28, 2012

Celebrating Another Retiree

Karen Oakland Abrahams recently announced her retirement and was featured this week in the Northwood Anchor.  Front page stuff!

Here is a link to the Page 1 story, click here . . .

The story carried over three pages, so to go to Page 2, click here . . .

And to finish it on Page 3, click here . . .

The Anchor's new format provides a very small font view so you will need to use a browser tool to be able to see the "fine print" used.  There may be a pop-up magnifier at the bottom of the page, or you should be able to magnify the view by doing a right-click, then select "Marquee Zoom"  - and click on the story to make it larger.  Repeatedly, probably.

In any event, congratulations to Karen, who we can assume learned a whole lot over the 40 years she worked for the school district, and held a position of high trust for the past 20.

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  1. Congratulations, Karen. I hope you enjoy your retirement.


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