Monday, June 11, 2012

Another 50-Year Milepost

Wow.  Class of '62.  Target. Wal-Mart.  The Beatles.  You're in good company.

They were yet to hit the Sullivan Show but 1962 was the year the band was formed, changed drummers (to Ringo), and made their first recording at Abby Road.  The story was reported this morning via USA Today, the most widely distributed US Newspaper, and for the full account you can click here.

Ironically, of the talking heads on the set of today's Morning Joe (MSNBC) only one of them had seen the boys on Sullivan.  That youthful crowd missed out on all the good stuff, only to take advantage of the road we paved for them.  Or something like that.  If there is an iconic band, this has to be it.
Here's a one paragraph report from USA Today:  On June 4, (1962), they signed a contract with Parlophone, a subsidiary of EMI. And on June 6, they entered Abbey Road Studios with producer George Martin for the first time, recording demos of cover tune Besame Mucho and Lennon-McCartney compositions Love Me Do,P.S. I Love You and Ask Me Why. Martin, mildly impressed, lectured the band about its lousy equipment, then asked whether they had any complaints.

Harrison quipped, "I don't like your tie."

I discovered who the mopheads were in another Vic's Pizza moment in the fall of '63.  Like everyone else, I found their music was catchy, but didn't realize all those songs that I heard and liked were coming from the same group, and didn't know who they were until I heard one of their songs being played on the jukebox at Vic's.  That particular jukebox showed the album cover of the song being played - and that's when I discovered these fellows needing haircuts were the ones making that music.

By the next spring I was working Sunday afternoons at Kropman's neighborhood grocery store on East 9th Street in Mason City, and the owner's 12-year-old daughter and her friends were all agog over who was the cutest, Paul or John.  I thought they were nuts.  Well, they were 12, so what should I expect.

How about you?  When did you first "connect" with the Beatles?

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