Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kensett #4 - More Memories

The photo of Kensett #4 brought back some memories.  The building was still there a year ago.  Karen Oakland probably remembers the log I dropped on her ankle way back then.  She probably still has a scar from it.  We used to have some great recesses!  In the winter we built awesome snow forts and had snow ball fights at recess.  As I remember it was always boys against the girls.  Some time in the 5th grade I had just sharpened a wooden pencil and was holding it with my left index finger on the point.  Somehow the point became embedded in the tip of my finger, still have the evidence on the finger after all these years.
After 6th grade we went to junior high in Kensett.  There we merged with the "townies" and those from other country schools.  The principal, Mr. Boggess was one to be feared.  Just the threat of being sent to his office was enough to change any behavior.  Our junior high boys basketball team was unremarkable.  I remember 1 game that we lost 17 to 2.  The only basket being scored by Stanton Arendts, as I recall.  The first semester of 7th grade I received the only "F" I ever had in any grade in school.  It was in math.  Must have been the change from country to city school.

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