Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Word that Starts with "P" and Stands for "Trouble"

We used to have a lot of fun at the pool.  When it opened somewhere in the mid 50's it was a welcome addition to the community, and by the time we were in high school our class - and others - were supplying the labor force, as shown here, Craig Panburn on the left and Harry Rogers on the right, teaming up to hold Jo Olson.

Craig, Jo, and Harry
Some may recall some hi-jinks by some of those pool employees from time to time, including one David Mikkelson, the PK (Preacher's Kid).  Seems it had to do with some garbage winding up in the pool, and later some "community service" provided as a payback. David enjoyed life and never let anyone run over him, that's for sure.
We can't imagine that Jo was any part of those festivities, but Craig and Harry?  They may well have been ringleaders,  which by no means is a condemnation of their lack of virtue but more a respectful salute to their ability to pull a prank without causing any real damage.  Let's face it - there weren't very many outhouses to tip over by the time we came along!

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