Saturday, August 20, 2011

Traditions Long Gone

Doug Fallgatter

Some things are long gone, like it or not.  Like hazing new members of the Letterman's Club, or a Roman Fiesta to celebrate the conclusion of the Latin year of study.

At left, Doug Fallgatter is wearing gloves, tie, and beanie, the latter without a propeller on top as he is initiated into the Letterman's Club.  It is doubtful that any schools would allow this ritual anymore, especially with the bullying connotation that goes along with it, but in our day it was routine.

Doug, of course, is owner of the family grocery store in Northwood  these days, though he probably wouldn't be dressed like this on a normal day at work.
"Roman Citizens"

Doris Johnson and "Neptune"
Another tradition was the year-end celebration of the JCL, which I believe stood for the Junior Classical League.  Doris Johnson was the Latin teacher, perhaps one of the very last to hold such a position, and honestly it seems unbelievable that a small school like Northwood-Kensett would even include this in the curriculum.  In the freshman year the Latin students were "slaves" to the sophomores at this event, and in their second year had the thrill of being served by their own freshman slaves.
Keith Helgeland and Mary Hanson

I honestly don't recall much about the committee process or who handled what, but recall wearing a sheet for a toga (we were ahead of our time - not even Belushi knew about this yet) and eating somewhat unusual food that was, I suppose normal Roman cuisine.  And as a sophomore it was kind of nice to order the freshmen around, another tradition that probably wouldn't be allowed today.

Sorry I can't name all the folks in these photos, but perhaps some of you can.  Just let us know.

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