Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Introducing "Blade" and "Seed"!

SCA has just returned from his world travels, turned on his computer, and sent along a note about the nicknames he has acquired over the years.

Coach Buddy Mounts

Don't know about you, but I have had at least 13 (nicknames), that I know of, over the years.  As I grow older, I think there may be more that I am not privy to.  One of the givers was Mr. Mounts (not Buddy to me).  Mr. Mounts dubbed Arlyn Morse "Seed" and me "Blade" .  No clue why???  

It is difficult for some people to be creative (by themselves), however, when a catalyst is added ideas abound.  Blade and Seed evolved into just such a creative dynamo.  Many of you remember that there was not much entertainment offered to us as kids.  So, we had to make our own.  Much of this creativity would be considered mundane by today's standards, but some of it may have bordered on the completely irrational....Think "a 1000 ways to die"   

There were Cheech and Chong, Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, but the true Dynamic Duo was "Blade and Seed".  I am prepared to document the escapades and perhaps a separate area of the blog could be dedicated to B & S?

We are prepared to meet the demands of SCA and a new Label has been set up, "Blade and Seed," and as the stories accumulate you will be able to find them all by clicking on that Label on the menu column at right.  

As for the rationale for Buddy Mounts to assign those nicknames, we have no idea why, but there must have been something behind it. The Dynamic Duo might have been the only ones to be so "knighted," since we don't recall anyone else having such luck.  Buddy's younger brother Skip, real name unknown, was a house guest of his for a while, so there was a clear orientation towards nicknames within the family.  Maybe that's it - he thought of Blade and Seed as family?

Pertaining to the "Mr. Mounts" part, we wonder if this high level of respect is possibly granted to him because "Blade" avoided being kicked in the helmet.  Could have been.

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