Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Letter to the Northwood Anchor

Dear Editor:

50 years ago this month, the NKHS Class of 62 was preparing for their last year as N-K students, and next July the class will be celebrating its 50th Reunion. Members of the class have some great memories of high school and their hometowns, and that's led to some very close relationships over the years, even though some moved away before graduating - but still stayed in touch.

Many classmates remain in the area, but we've also scattered to both coasts and around the nation, yet still expect to see most of the class next July. Just over a year ago, an email comment from one classmate, Marsha Gaarder Hasseler, led to the formation of a blog that has been capturing memories ever since. The blog includes stories, photos, and even articles from the Northwood Anchor to store and memorialize what we were living through.

It was the last year for the Old High School building, torn down some time later, and the new building was already under construction although we pretty much ignored that. The arches in the old gym are as deeply ingrained in our memories as the undefeated basketball team that played there. So the old building is getting mentioned in the blog along with teachers, upperclassmen, underclassmen, sports, the Shell Rock River, Highway 105, and the communities themselves including the water towers, just to name a few topics.

We lived in the Eisenhower years, the age of innocence, and shared those years with many of you. So the purpose of this letter is to let you know about the blog if you hadn't already known it was there, and if you have personal memories of the 50s and 60s especially as they relate to growing up and going to school in Northwood or Kensett, we'd like to hear about them so they, too, can be included in this personalized history.

To follow the blog, go to, or just Google NKHS 62 and it will show up. And if you would like to contribute your own stories, email, and we can either post the stories for you, or send you an invitation to do your own posting. We'd love to have more people contributing, because we know there are many great memories from an age that seems so unlike today.

We look forward to seeing many of you in July of 2012, probably over the 4th during the parade as we celebrate the 50 years that have passed by so quickly. In the meantime, check out our blog and let us know your own recollections.  Skol, Vikings!

LeRoy (Lee) Leidal
NKHS '62
Where Dreams Began

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  1. Excellent idea to broadcast this great should stir up some great memories for lots of N-K grads.
    There's something similar on Facebook for Lake Mills residents...It's called "You know you're from Lake Mills, IA if....
    Members of the group can post a single thought and it opens up lots of "conversations." You can view it without being a member. I've enjoyed both of these sites so much. Thanks, Lee!


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