Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Great Buddy Holly Lives On

Yesterday we put out an "all call" for more memories of the days growing up, and Richard Holstad once again stepped up to the plate:

We have needed some new music – some new inspiration – for a long long time now …. since the day the music died more than 51 years ago. 

We shouldn't be surprised if we end up counting on the creativity of the 50’s and 60’s to be reborn and to make things all better again for awhile in the music entertainment world.

Check out the link below about the upcoming remake of Buddy Holly’s music soon to be released.

Based on the information so far - this feels like it is going to be an uncommon CD – one that I am honestly looking forward to owning as much as I anticipated the release of the original music albums back in the 60’s.  

Click this link to reach a YouTube on the re-making of the Buddy Holly music by today's artists.  If you don't "hear" Buddy singing/playing in this tribute, we would be surprised.  It's a real treat.

And just in case you don't recall what he sounded like, click this link for his performance on the Arthur Murray Dance Party in 1957.  The introduction from Kathryn Murray will likely make you think of someone's mother.  The drummer's hair style was a popular one that many of our age used, and probably included a ducktail.  All the folks in the background are dressed very formally, in Arthur Murray style, and you may recall the use of suits and more formal attire on Bandstand as well.

Our thanks to Richard for passing this along!

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