Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re-living -- the Blog

The NKHS 62 blog found life in June 2010, and the first posting was June 10.  A review of some of the early postings reveals other contributors providing photos of favorite actors and shows.  The full listing of July 2010 posts is available here . . .

(Richard Holstad and Marilyn Weidler Ulve added most of those, and are encouraged to add whatever else they can.  If they don't, we will post their phone numbers so others can call them.  During vacation time, somebody has to step up.)

That month we posted two stories of Billy Roberts, who will forever be known as Billy to this author since that's his reported name in the First Grade photo posted last March.  Find it here . . .

The first posting was Billy and the Pea Shooter, in which our furtive efforts to "bomb" study hall with BB's led to a frustrating after-school BB hunt.  Read that here . . .  Chuck Hendrickson added to his legend by writing Another story I remember is a group of guys going golfing w/him. He was just nailing his drives - way outdistancing the rest of us. We wondered how in the world he could make the ball fly so far. He simply told us he'd drilled a hole into the driver and filled it with lead. That would do it!!! He was a guy who marched to his own beat!!

The following day we added more about Billy, who was clearly his own man.  Read it here . . .

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