Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doris Johnson, 1919 - 2012

Doris was our Latin teacher, a course presumably dropped from the curriculum years ago, and no longer available but for a few secondary schools, primarily private.  She may also have taught English but I don't recall for sure.

What I do recall is that on one occasion she marked me down in Deportment, and it was the only time my mother ever defended me in front of a teacher.  Since my other teachers had not marked me down, she asked Doris why I had gotten a lower grade from her.  The answer she gave was something to the effect that I just deserved it.

When the folks came home and told me that, I didn't tell them - Doris was right.  But hey, I never tipped over desks or blew anything up, so how bad could I have been?

I also have to give her credit for being committed to accuracy in language and loving her subject matter.  She wanted us to learn, for sure.  For her full obituary, click here.

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