Monday, February 6, 2012

Climb the Water Tower?

The "Peak" of Northwood
Just as a point of reference, the Northwood Water Tower is maybe 5 or 6 stories high?  OK, let's give it 100 feet ground to peak, or 10 stories.  And Richard Holstad reported on his extraordinarily scary experience in a blog posting last March 21.

The other "local" story came from Stanton Arendts when he told of his Kensett water tower experiences last May.

But as the saying goes, "you ain't seen nothin' yet" until you click on the YouTube posted below.

Honestly, if you have any fear of heights you may feel something gripping your body in unusual ways as you view this.  We recommend that you click the full-screen icon so you can view this in all its glory.

Can you imagine what the two fellows in this YouTube are paid?  On the advice of Merrilee Reid, "Pay him whatever he wants!"


  1. If you don't have a problem with heights you will certainly enjoy this one...I was able to watch until he got up to the last 60 feet and actually got a little dizzy

  2. Drag the slide button forward to about 6:45 to bypass most of it just so you can see these two guys climb up on top. And you'll see once the first guy gets there he's simply standing on the platform without holding on while he rigs his gear to latch to the hooks for safety while he works.
    Gives me a funny feeling in my stomach and legs to watch it. I can't imagine doing this.

  3. Ya know, after the first thirty feet or so if you fall the result is the same .... SPLAT!

    Viewing the video,I kept thinking about the what the difference is between descending compared to ascending. I work with lots of linemen in my career. Early on, I was "dared" to strap on a set of hooks and to climb a 45 foot wooden power pole. I made quick work of ascending the first 20-30 feet. The guys on the ground gave me the thumbs up meaning that I had proven my point .... but THEY also knew the tail was only half told.

    Totally different leg muscles are required going down - TOTALLY DIFFERENT! The next day I was in such pain in my legs it was indescribable. I climbed only thirty feet or so.

    Regarding the water tower .... Say what you will, but that adventure is not for the old, fat, foolish, and lazy.

    The truly best way off that communication tower in the photo ... is to parachute.


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