Thursday, February 9, 2012

Coach Buddy Mounts Today

From the Yearbook - Taken in the Chem Lab
Larry Holstad forwards this information:

A follow up to the Coach Mounts posts is that I visited him about a year ago. He resides in San Antonio, Texas is actually retired from teaching and coaching (because of hip replacements and not because it was his choice) and is raising 2 different types of dogs. He had 5 sons of which one played in the NFL and 4 have been in coaching also. If you recall the oldest of the 2 when he came to Northwood was Ricky and I believe he still lives in Des Moines. Randy was the next boy and I can’t remember but it seems like they had a third son before they left but I do not recall his name. Also if you remember he had a brother that came to live with him for a year, Skip. He had some problems but he shared with me that he eventually went into the service and served our country , received numerous honors and passed away a few years ago. He mentioned a number of times that he probably didn’t treat us very well but reflected good things about his days with us. Just thought I would throw that out there. It was certainly interesting times back then.

Indeed the times were interesting.  The comment from Coach Mounts that he probably didn't treat us very well might be in reference, at least in part, to the time that we lost to Forest City and he thought we should go home after the game since we lost, and NOT go to the party he correctly suspected was scheduled at Ann Bergen's house. Read more . . .

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