Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Case You Missed It

Since the blog came online a couple years ago some 250+ postings have been put up, and if  you're a new viewer you probably haven't taken the time or don't want to go back to view all the early stuff.  So, for your convenience, here are a couple of the originals.

Gary Hengesteg, '63,was a bruising fullback.  In our '61 Homecoming game he suffered one of the injuries that meant the beginning of the end of our season.  Read more . . . 

Buddy Mounts, the football coach, was a bruiser himself, and was never afraid of an intervention between his players or his superiors.  Read more . . .

The Iowa Hawkeyes got into offering "knothole" games when they were trying to attract fans to their football games, basically offering cheap bleacher seats for $1.  For some reason we wound up going the other direction, to Minneapolis, for a Big 10 game, and saw the powerful (in those days) Gophers win a big one.  Read more . . .

And there you have it - the first time in a long time that you've been offered something for your convenience - and it didn't cost you anything!

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