Monday, November 21, 2011

Space Age Trees

Life clearly changes in retirement.  Decorating for Christmas used to take two hours and now it takes two days.  In days gone by we'd go buy a tree a couple weeks before Christmas.  Then it became a tradition to drive to the St Croix Valley Tree Farm near Somerset for a Frazer Fir on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  When we finally bought the pre-wired tree from Gerten's a couple years ago we shifted to the weekend before Thanksgiving to put it up, model train, Snow Village and all, to a large degree because the grandkids don't come by as often as they used to, and we know they will be here for Thanksgiving.  So it's much more than decorating time that has changed.

During the process of setup this year I started recalling some of the trees we've seen over the years, including the one that Miss Butler, the vocal music teacher from our junior high years, would put up in the music room, 100% DRAPED with icicles.  The application must have taken hours to complete, and most of us would have destroyed the process by throwing the icicles onto the tree, an absolute "no-no" at our house.  If you get caught.

The Space Age Tree, probably an invention of Reynolds Aluminum, even showed up at the home of my paternal grandparents, which is kind of amazing for her, but very logical for him.  I mean, who wants to mess around with this Christmas stuff?  They even had the rotating colored lights that were popular, and visible in the YouTube below.

Since this blog is All Things 60s, you really need to check out the website from which these photos were "borrowed."  Just click that link to see more, and in the meantime, take a gander at this video from YouTube. Tell me if you were able to watch it without chuckling.  Be sure to click the "enlarge" icon, lower right.

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