Thursday, November 24, 2011

Penny Postcards

The Penny Postcard is before our time if you count pre-1952 as "before our time."  And when Marilyn Weidler forwarded a link to a Penny Postcards website, I couldn't resist adding it to the blog.

Go to that website for at least a little history on the penny postcard, and view some classic old pictures like those below.  Choose your state and county and you can see what has been submitted by historians and buffs.  Those below are the only four that have been submitted for Worth County, IA.

I also found a website providing the History of Postage Rates in America.  It confirms that the postcards, first authorized by Congress in 1898, remained a "standard" (with a couple years of exception) rate of one cent for the card.  The Penny Postcards site lists the evolution of the card, as you will see.

Arnold Lien was normally our mail carrier.  When we had a letter to mail but no stamps, we would put 3 cents in the mailbox on top of the letter and he would stamp and forward the letter for us.  At some point in time that neighborly practice was discontinued, unfortunately.  Nonetheless, enjoy these old old views of Northwood.

Old Baptist Church

Central Avenue Looking West - One Block East of Hwy 65 Turn

City Park - later Swensrud Park - 1941

Russell's Cabins on Hwy 65 North
All the postcards were scanned and donated for use on the website.

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