Saturday, November 5, 2011

Angry Women - Twelve of 'em - Plus 3

Back: D Brunsvold, C Boutelle, J Gullickson, S Thoen, S Carlson, S Thoen and S Grundmeier; Middle: N Zimmer, J Dybvad, L Forland; Seated: L Brunsvold, J Tue, P Mueller, E Conner, M Hanson

The Northwood Anchor commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Junior Class Play in their Early Files (November 2, 1961) this week.  We salute the underclassmen (yeah, I know, they're all women) who were a part of the play.

I could be wrong, but I believe Carol Boutelle Johnson was the level-headed Juror #8 (no names, all numbers) who slowly led the group to the conclusion that the fellow in this "slam dunk" trial was indeed not guilty, including an argument had something to do with whether a witness really could have gone to bed with his glasses on.

The explosive final minutes of the play centered around the jury member who didn't like to be proven wrong.  There was some screaming going on and I'll leave well enough alone by not recalling who that actor was.  This may have been the reason the jurors had such difficulty:

Two Reasons Why It's So Hard to Solve a Redneck Murder:

1.  The DNA all matches.
2.  There are no dental records.

OK, it wasn't a redneck story.  The original stageplay was also made into a movie in 1957, you may recall, starring Henry Fonda in Carol's role.  Carol, you will need to correct that assumption if it is incorrect.  Good play, well done by the juniors!

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