Friday, October 14, 2011

What Cheerleaders and Jukeboxes Have in Common

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It was one of those email threads again, starting with Richard Holstad attaching this photo of our cheerleaders about 1960 or so.  He was sending it to one of his employees, who is restoring a jukebox, in an effort to make a comparison and possibly identify the model in the cheerleader photo.

His engineer thinks it is a 1953 Seeburg Model C, and reports there is one for sale on the internet, professionally restored, for $6995.  He also told Richard about a 1952 Seeburg Model C near Fort Collins, pictured below, and for sale at $2500.  Richard is probably on his way to check that out at the same time this post is being written, since he gets into this kind of thing.

The jukebox with cheerleaders was located in the old bowling alley, in the basement of Stan's Bowling Lanes.  I don't recall seeing it, having never spent much time there, even on a supervised visit with my dad like you may have enjoyed.

And the real story here is the reaction this series of emails has brought, including this email from Larry Holstad to Richard:  Pretty cool stuff.  You have done remarkable things with the history of NKHS.  I remember the jukebox as I worked in the basement for Stan Nelson.  It was a promotion from when Mike Lien and I set pins for him above Axel's.  When he built the new bowling alley with automatic pin machines, he gave me a job racking up pool tables.  Oh the fond memories it brings back.  Also the picture of the cheerleaders.  I believe I know all of them and one real well.  It is nice to have the history so we never forget where we came from.

Along the way the email conversation turned to cheerleaders in general.  It seemed to be a nice juxtaposition, and the answer to the question: what two things are designed primarily to rev you up?  You got it - a jukebox and cheerleaders!

So it's totally appropriate to include the photo here, taken around 1956 or 57, and I only recognize Judy Nelson Holtan in the middle.  Richard points out Cheerleaders are related to sports.  Everyone loves the cheerleaders.  The more I thought it over it makes sense that the cheerleaders have some terrific memories to share.  I asked Cynthia Vold Forde if she recalled such things as the physical conditioning required, the hard work, the social prestige, higher expectations of you because of being a cheerleader, embarrassing moments, rude spectators.  (She) has lots of stories and comments, (but) I want to know how to draw out more memories and perhaps photos that didn't make it into the class annuals.

Ladies, bring it on!  We're looking for your memories because you stir us up.  I'll keep asking the Bulldog cheerleader in my house, although her comments will be of a different color, so to speak.

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And one more photo courtesy of Mike Lien, since we're talking of Axel's and the bowling alley.  White shirts, long sleeves, and ties.  And the other day I wrote of the bowler wearing pants hanging below his butt...  times have changed.  Anyway, here's the 40-41 Champs.  I assume that's Ansel Conner 3rd from right, and Morris Holstad, related to all us Holstads and the owner of Holstad Motors where Larry's dad Irving worked sales.  Bowling alleys - jukeboxes - cheerleaders.  Keep revved up!

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