Saturday, October 29, 2011

J Edgar Hoover and the Public Enemy

Perhaps you're looking forward to the movie coming out next month starring Leonardo di Caprio as the Man himself.  Back in 5th grade Andrena Hanson Opheim was a big fan of J Edgar, the guy who reined in all the bad guys and made America safe, or at least in her worldview.

Had she known of some of the rumors regarding his kinky sexuality, she may not have been a fan.  In fairness, Wikipedia reports it may have been rumor only, though the rumors indeed circulated widely.  Regardless of those sins, if any, Hoover was not above wiretaps and the elimination of habeas corpus if it were to his convenience.  Just to keep us all safe.  Few have been so polarizing as he.

Though it's not related to Hoover, it was also when we were in fifth grade that congress changed the Pledge of Allegiance by inserting the phrase "under God" and to this day I still don't know if you need to pause before, after, or both.  Seems like the norm is to set it apart with both.  Either way, I remain a patriot.

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