Friday, October 7, 2011

Cheerleader Stories

Richard Holstad passes along these photos and information about the Cheerleader Life.  Not being a cheerleader, I'm not real good at describing the pain of the workout, the agony of defeat, the joy of victory . . . you get the idea.

Cynthia Vold (Rev C Forde) has forwarded to me a box of memorabilia from the mid-fifties.  All three Vold sisters were Cheerleaders in their time.  Cynthia was an enthusiastic . . . "avid" may be a better term . . . cheerleader while in HS.

They have some pretty neat stories that I am just getting Cynthia to detail.  Embarrassing moments, the physical demands, the prestige of being selected, the expectations of the cheerleaders.  Who knows what else will be revealed as time goes on here.

Turns out there were several high-energy cheer leaders that Cynthia has been relating stories to me about.  

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For instance – here is Cynthia’s team probably 1955 or 56 …. And if you have an appreciation of how high that stage is above the floor …. These gals were GOING FOR IT!  
(I asked Cynthia if they didn’t really jump off the stage for this photo ….. similar to how Mike Lien launching off Dave Skellenger’s back to dunk the BB?)  Cynthia assures me . . . these gals were for real jumping that high.

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Editor's Note: what if you somehow broke an ankle or leg?  Does the cheerleading end?  Do you now cheer from the stands?  Like any athlete, do you now "sit"?

At another point in our communication Cynthia referenced having a cheerleader's handbook, which she has since sent me.  The photo here is the cover of that book.  I asked Cynthia (AKA Skipper) to be sure to autograph the book because I may be "enhancing" the cheerleader's story in greater detail.  The date inside the cover of the manual here is 1954.

Our thanks to Cynthia for sending this along.  National Sports Equipment doesn't show up through a Google search so presumably the company is out of business.  After all, it was a long time ago . . .

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