Friday, August 3, 2012

One more "retiree"

It's not officially a "retirement" but it is a "slowing down" that put Robert Hall on the front page of the Anchor this week.  He's moved his auto business from Central Avenue to their home on Thrush Avenue, reducing his "drive" from 10 miles to a nice walk across the driveway to the other side of the yard.

Bob opened his shop downtown in 1973 and after 39 years made this big jump.  

The online format of the Anchor doesn't make it easy to download or copy their photos, at least for insertion here on the blog, so the scan at right is the best alternative.

To read the first part of the story on Page 1, click here.

To read the finish on Page 2, click here.

Personally I dread the thought of packing up to move, so even though there are places I might prefer to be, I plan to stay where I am for now.  And I can't imagine the process that Bob Hall had to go through when he made his move on that recent day.  I can imagine he did some cleaning out.  Congrats, Bob.

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