Monday, August 13, 2012

an older photo

Nosing around local websites (City of Northwood, Chamber, etc.) uncovered this photo of the old high school and primary building.  There is no indication of the date of the photo but it is clearly an earlier version of the one most often seen.

The photos seem to have been taken from a similar location, the earlier one further to the right, and the later one displaying the Old Gym, which means the top one appears to be pre-1937 and the latter is post-1937, the year the gym was built and opened.  Perhaps the street lamp was already in position but not visible on the first photo, and note all the bushes along ground level at the base of the school in the later photo.

The two trees of the original have identical branching to the later version and the trunks have added some girth in time.

The first one looks pretty bare, doesn't it?

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