Sunday, May 20, 2012


Once again Stan Arendts has come up with a dandy, a video of the Ventures playing their signature hit, "Walk, Don't Run" in 1998.  The guy who was a 17-year-old drummer the first time they played it has come back as a walk-on, and now a brigadier general.  Stan correctly points out the big smile on his face.

And then, last night we attended a fundraiser at the Mabel Tainter Theater in Menomonie, WI, a 122-year-old tribute to the only daughter of a lumber baron, since refurbished as a beautiful theater used frequently.  The key???  entertainment was a cabaret show by a woman named Colleen Ray, who is a renowned, local entertainer.  She made the memories come back when she introduced a song popularized by the Sons of the Pioneers, whose lead singer was one Roy Rogers.

Here they are in a movie recording.  I visited with Colleen briefly after the performance and told her I loved her version, and the only thing missing was six cowboys crooning behind her.  Enjoy.

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