Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Decorah Eagle Cam - Behind the Scenes

There's a lot of talk about this Eagle Cam, and KARE 11 in the Twin Cities did a show on it recently.  After watching the Robin leave home the other day, posting this story seemed appropriate.  Randy Shaver is the primary sportscaster for the station, and presents a "nice guy" image.  He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease in 1998 and is a survivor.

Julie Nelson is a Size 2.  What else is there to say about her?  OK, she has a nice presentation, too.

Just in case you haven't viewed the webcam site, here it is. 

Live stream videos at Ustream

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  1. I've been watching the eagles webcam off and on for 2 seasons - fascinating. Glad for Randy Shaver's survivor status! Our Carrie had the same disease and has been a cancer survivor for 24 years!


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