Friday, February 15, 2013

another first car - from Stan Arendts

My first car was a '48 Ford sedan that I got when I was 14. Times were very different in those days. I never got stopped for driving w/o a license........I did have a learner's permit though. I never really liked the car. Seemed to be too fuddy-duddy, so I traded it for a 1940 Ford coupe, which I loved and souped up quite a bit.

I had one very memorable trip from Des Moines to Kensett during a major blizzard. When I started north, the sun was shining and I was not worried. By the time I got about half way home, I realized I was in trouble. The snow plows actually quit plowing and the drifts were so bad that I had to keep the car going at a high rate of speed just to make it through. Additionally, it was difficult to determine where the road was located. I had to estimate the location by trying to stay in the middle of the road by using telephone poles as guidelines.

Needless to say, there was no one else foolish enough to be on the road during that blizzard. Eventually, my windshield wipers froze, so I had to drive with my window open, so I could reach outside and push the snow off. I knew, if I stopped I would be unable to get going again. When I got home, there was a snow drift over my lap, in the front seat and water all over the floor from snow the heater had melted.

When I finally made it home, I actually got out of the car and hugged the hood to express my gratitude to the old crate. I think we formed a bond that day. My parents were surprised to see me. They weren't expecting me to drive in such weather........They thought I had more sense.....go figure.


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