Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's in a Name?

Thoughts from Richard Holstad on the subject of names, brought about by a short discussion on Bob Wilder:

I wish MY name was Wilder.
Wilder than what?
A person can have a lot of fun with that if his / her name was Wilder.
Honestly we had so much respect for Mr. Wilder, we always preceded his name with “Mr”.

But didn’t we get on the subject some time ago of the unusually creative names that can be found in the worth county neighborhood?
For instance:

Axel Boldt
Dick Chinery

I had a long list at one time of these real examples …. from a time when it seemed people were purposely creative when choosing family names.
I think I have lost track of that list by now ….. I challenge your blog readers to offer new examples.
Then there was the deal where -- what if so and so married so and so, the married name would be …..
A bad example, but the best I can do on short notice -- what if Bonnie Mack had married John Thnife, she would be Bonnie Mack Thknife.

That's an interesting start.  The Bonnie Mack example makes me recall a story in our school newspaper at one point when a creative Viking journalist pondered a number of "what if's" like one of the Groe girls marrying someone named Sideways, so her new name would become Mary Lou Groe Sideways.  

I'm struggling with that one because I don't recall the exact name of the Groe girl, nor do I recall any of the other invented names but perhaps you, Dear Reader, can flesh this out for us.  If you can, please send an email, and bring a little light to this matter, for me and for Young Richard.

Here's a late add-on from Bonnie Mack Wopperer:

More about names.......while I was working for a firm in Arcadia, CA (Engineering-Science), for a time they had some type of employee exchange program going on. One of the Chinese employees we had was a Dr. Shaw (Ph.D.) My friend Mary, who was also the very witty and interesting receptionist for the company, was trying to help Dr. Shaw choose an "Americanized" first name. Her suggestion was RICK...........what else? ?

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