Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lien Soars for a Dunk!

Anybody who played basketball (and some who did not) wanted the ability to dunk the ball, and Mike Lien, the capable athlete that he was, wanted it probably more than most, but at 5-11 wasn't quite able to reach the rim. Without a boost.

So when the coaches weren't around, David Skellenger offered his strong back as a launching pad for those who might be interested and Lien was among those who signed up quickly. So although it looks in the above photo that a legend might have been born, perhaps the real legend was Skelly, who on hands and knees provided the platform of his broad shoulders to "ladder" the dunker to acceptable heights.

To Dave's credit, it was NOT easy. Thinking I might be able to do the same thing, I offered my own back one time, and only one time. I don't know who it was that jumped over me but I do know I was surprised when it seemed to push the air out of my chest and my chest almost to the floor. Like I say, give Dave all the credit for making others look good!

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