Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bobby Holtan

My recollection is that Bob was in the class of '59. I recall him as a very good athlete playing football and basketball, relatively quiet, and a good fellow. Here's what we received recently from Janis Hendrickson:

A service will be held for Bob Holtan at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Houston on Wednesday, January 19 at 1 PM. Bob was a pharmacist in Houston until severe arthritis in his hip and heart issues caused his early retirement. He was diagnosed with two kinds of liver cancer about a week ago and passed away quickly.

Bob was married to Judy Nelson (class of '59? - older sister of Jim Nelson class of '63). She was on the first heart transplant team with DeBakey and Cooley as head OR nurse.

I recall seeing the two of them dating while in high school, with the perception that they were the "perfect couple." Clearly Judy found great success in her life and I am confident that Bob did as well. Coach LaVerne Rohlfson always referred to him as Bobby so in my head that's the name associated with him.

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