Friday, December 10, 2010

A Good Snowstorm

That's what the weathermen are now talking about for this area - probably a foot. Maybe even 5-foot drifts. If it doesn't turn out quite that way they never go back and say, "Gees, I was sure wrong." Instead they say, "That storm had Alpha Force 468 intersect unexpectedly at Median 923 . . . " if you know what I mean.

A foot of snow here near the Twin Cities is nothing compared to what might drop in Buffalo, NY, but it would be kind of welcome, just for the challenge. And it makes me think about storms we may or may not have gotten in the 50's. I do recall one time, I believe 1951, when my Grandpa Holstad picked up my sisters and me because a storm was coming in. The storm was already there, of course, since we were without today's high-tech meteorologists to warn us. We drove back to the farm and probably went without electricity and phone service for a couple days.

Seemed we had some pretty good blizzards from time to time that would just shut things down. But if we get a foot of snow today everybody still commutes to work in the morning. Snowplows - rewired, like the comedian Tim Allen would say.

One time I took Phil Johnson home from somewhere during a pretty good storm, and we decided the roads were so treacherous once we got to his house that I really should stay overnight. I did. For 2 nights. And then Dad called to point out all the roads were open so I should have no problem making it the last 4 miles so I could help him with chores. Sometimes he had no sense of humor.

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