Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Age of Sputnik

Back in our day, science was all the rage after the Russians beat us to the moon. Ergo, two of our finest continued their search for excellence:

May 26, 1960 - Maynard Midtgaard and Don Faris, science teachers at NKHS, have received summer scholarships for the National Science Foundation. Mr. Midtgaard's is in biolgy for six week's study at Iowa State Universiry and Mrs. Faris' for eight weeks at the University of Missouri, Columbia, in physics and chemistry. The scholarships provide free tuition plus $90 weekly plus $15 weekly for each dependent.

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  1. As a college student I recall reading that teache salaries started at around $4,000 per year. And those were the good old days!


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